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The Yearbook


Published continually since 1896 - celebrating 125 years!


Spice is the yearbook of Norristown Area High School. It started as a monthly literary/variety magazine in 1896. Students published original short works of fiction and humor, reported on the goings-on of Norristown High, including sports and alumni news. Each year included a special graduation issue that highlighted the graduating class. In 1924, the graduation issue was expanded, mainly by adding pictures and biographies of the graduates. With the addition of a school newspaper in 1928, Spice gradually turned into an annual yearbook. By 1932 there was only one Spice book each year, and they became hardbound yearbooks the way we still make it today. In 1965 a color opening section was added. In 2012 Spice became a 256 page all-color publication. In all of the time, from the start to now, the mission has remained the same: chronicling the happening of Norristown High for the students and for history.

We're excited that you'd like to be a member and help continue the mission of  this great publication!

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