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Research Help

Using Information To Further Learning

Research isn't just used for long, formal papers. Finding and using information for your learning should be a part of everything you do in school. Research is more than just finding an answer - it is a process of understanding. Start with a question, or a point you want to make, find information to support or refute your point, then write about it.


Use the guidance here to help you find and use information more effectively:

  • Develop a strong thesis

  • Find the best information from a variety of sources

  • Take effective notes

  • Formulate notes into an outline

  • Write clearly and with structure

  • Give credit for information you found

  • Revise and edit (these are different things!)


If you take the time to do the steps of the process, your product (and experience) using information will be so much more. As the saying goes: it's not the destination, but the journey that is important.

Research in the Digital Age

Research Help Topics

  • Choosing a Topic


  • Identifying Sources


  • Taking Notes


  • Proper Citation


  • Outlining the Paper


  • Writing, Writing, Writing


  • Revising and Editing


  • Avoiding Plagiarism

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