Congratulations Senior Award Winners!

We are pleased to announce that we will have our ceremony in-person this year, on Tuesday June 8, beginning at 6:30pm in the NASD Athletic Complex stadium. Guests will sit in the bleachers and award recipients will sit in a special seating area by the field. 

We will be following NASD Covid policy, so masks will be required at this event and seating will be socially distanced. Award recipients are welcome to bring two guests to watch the ceremony in the stadium. The event will be recorded and available on NASDtv for later viewing. 

The Senior Awards program is comprised of a large variety of awards and scholarships presented to seniors who meet a wide array of selection criteria. Many different people are involved in the process and we strive to recognize the great accomplishments of our talented senior class. 

Again, congratulations on being recognized for your achievements!

Mrs. Marianne DiNenno, Class of 1983

Mr. Robert Schmalbach, Class of 1995

Co-Chairs, NAHS Senior Awards Committee

A reminder about thanks: It is good etiquette to acknowledge your awards with a thank-you note to the award sponsor. We normally have a thank-you writing session after the ceremony to get this task accomplished. We can't do that this year, but you should still send a thank-you. Your award will include an envelope with instructions on how to compose a thank-you note, and where it should be sent. Our donors love to hear from the students they help recognize, and it encourages continued contributions that help our program continue from year-to-year.

Questions? Email and we will help you out!

We would appreciate you letting us know if you will be attending the in-person ceremony on Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 6:30pm in the stadium.

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